Devchand College accredited as A grade college by NAAC with CGPA 3.07....congratulations to all stakeholders


The academic performance is regularly evaluated through result analysis, class tests, formal and informal discussions, group discussions and interpersonal relationship established with students by their mentor teachers.
The data collected in the form of marks serves as the basic guide of the outcomes pertaining to academics. Assessment of student by mentor is also an indicator of learning outcome. All this data is collected and analyzed by the class in-charge. The analysis of the data helps the teachers in identifying knowledge gap and thus in designing remedial courses. Data analysis also helps in identifying slow learners as well as advanced learners and helps the teachers in designing suitable policies and programs for them.
Steps to overcome barriers:
1. Providing question bank of different subjects to the students.
2. By showing answer books to students to make them identify their relative strengths and weaknesses.
3. Counseling of students to minimize absentee.
4. Extra classes and counseling sessions are arranged for weak students, slow learners in the subjects to improve their performance.
 5. Periodic evaluation and support in terms of varied learning experiences and study material helps the improvement of learning outcome.
Steps to reduce drop out:
Continuous monitoring of their academic and personal issues helps the teachers to identify the students who are at the risk of drop out. After identification of such students, teachers personally interact with the students and their parents if required to understand their problems. Psychological problems are solved by proper counseling. The financial problems are met with special assistance from college and staff.   Drop out of girls due to marriage are tackled by convincing them and their parents. Such girls are advised to continue their education after marriage through distance mode. The students in need of the part time jobs are allowed and are helped in the self study.