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Peer Team Report Jan 2011

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 IQAC 2005-2011
Devchand College, Arjunnagar

Prin.Dr. A.G.Joshi. ( Chairman)
Shriman. Ashishbhai Shah. (President, Janata Shikshan Mandal)
Shri. Rajan Vhadadi. (Secretary, Janata Shikshan Mandal)
Dr. P.P Shah. (Administrative Assistant)
Shri. M. M. Bagban (Administrative Assistant)
Shri. L.K.Pathan. (Society Representative)
Shri. V.S. Manjarekar. (Society Representative)
Dr. I. S. Subhedar. (Teacher representative)
Dr. Mrs. S.S. Desai. (Teacher representative)
Shri.S.T.Naik. (Teacher representative)
Shri.P.Y.Patil (Teacher representative)
Shri. R.S.Navale. (Admin. Staff Representative)
Dr. P.P Shah.(Co-ordinator)
Quality Assurance Measures:

  1. Formats suggested for input to IQAC
  2. Formats designed for feedback
  3. Guidelines provided to different cells
  4. Dissemination of information of NAAC Methodology
  5. Innovative practices introduced and practiced: Academic calendar, Academic Newsletter, Academic Audit.
  6. Twelve papers presented in National and State level conferences on Quality Assurance and Enhancement.
  7. Ensured effective reforms in admission, prospectus and overall administration.
  8. Constitution of steering committee and preparation of AQAR and SSR for reaccreditation.
  9. Proper perusal of suggested mechanism for effective implementation.
  10. Preparation of Institutional future plan (Road Map).