SSR March 2016 is uploaded


Quality Assurance Measures:

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has developed mechanisms for quality assurance as follows.

    • Conduct of SWOC analysis on the basis of annual academic audit by evaluating the performance of the departments and special cells;
    • Setting of short-term and long-term goals for the departments, cells as well as the individuals on the basis of such analysis and audit;
    • Making necessary changes in the organizational structure by forming new committees, cells etc. and defining the lines of authority and responsibility as per the changing needs;
    • Designing the mechanism for maintenance of record by providing formats and collection of data;
    • Coordination of activities of all the departments through preparation of academic and administrative calendar;
    • Creation of quality consciousness at all levels through continual dissemination of information and meetings;
    • Evolving feedback mechanism through designing feedback forms; conducting feedback, analyzing the data, summarizing findings and recommendations and finally forwarding those to the concerned authorities for further action;
    • Continuous evolution of participatory, transparent and  democratic work culture; and
    • Preparation of reports like AQAR/SSR.