Programmes for society

Programmes for Society:

Institution promotes institution-neighborhood-community network through its extension programs organized via NSS, NCC, womens’ forum Swayamsiddha and Nature and Adventure Club with the help of student members in achieving self development through contributing to community as below:

Most of the activities in NSS are carried out in collaboration with members of Gram Panchayat at villages and government agencies such as block development officer, chief executive officer, village accountants, etc. Rallies and corner meetings are held on the first day of residential camp at adopted village explaining the motto of NSS and appeal is made to the villagers and the youth clubs in villages for active participation in all the activities of NSS. Joint cultural program of schools in villages and our NSS volunteers is organized on the last day of camp. As a result, the community gets involved in the activities. Similar exercise is done while conducting the activities of NCC. Members of Swayamsiddha forum organize call the gathering of women from the weaker sections of society, self help groups and counseling is done through leaders of women’s movements and social reformers. Women from weaker and deprived sections give a great response to their activities. The detailed activities of both communities are listed below:
Involvement of the community in its reach out activities :

Sr. No. Unit Particulars of Activity Date Place










Animal Check up camp 3 to 10/02/
2 Distribution of fruits to patients andOrganized the special meet for patient of M.G.Hospitals and special talk on ‘Cleaning’ by Dr. Khanapure. (Medical officer) 17/09/
3 Collected fodder for animal for drought area. 30/09/
4 Plantation and cleaning 16/12/
Adopted Village, Shindewadi
5 Plantation cleaning and corner meeting at 23/12/2012
6 Blood donation camp
(74 donars)
7 Environmental Conservation Rally 1/08/
Nipani City
8 Video Film Presentation on Ralegan Siddhi and Hivare Bajar An Ideal Villages 17/08/
  1. Construction of Vanrai Bandhara
  2. Water and Soil Testing
  3. Women’s Hemoglobin Testing
  4. Veterinary Checkup
  5. Gram Swachata
  6. Various Lectures
  7. Cultural Programme
  8. Morning Rally
12 to 18/01/
10 Donated Rs.7200.- to a poor and needy woman Saraswati Laxminarayan for Plastic Surgery 05/02/2015 College
11 NCC Health Checkup Camp in Association Dada Yuva Samajik Pratisthan Mugali 14/09/2014 College
12 ISR Blood Donation Camp